Johannes Boscher


If people’s needs are liable to change, why shouldn’t buildings be?

Here at Studio Nitsche, we believe that the foundation of any long-lasting architectural solution is an openness to change. At the same time, our experience with historical buildings and sustainable architecture practices has shown us the variety of ways buildings and the demands placed on them change over time. This experience helps us to integrate an openness to material, social, and environmental changes into every step of the design process. Our method emphasizes thorough analysis of the specific qualities of a given site and developing an intensive rapport with you, personally, in order to fully understand your needs. Together with you, we aim to realize architectural solutions that foster identity and stand the test of time.

Approach and Scope of Activities

As our professional history shows, our diverse interests allow us to offer comprehensive solutions for every stage of your construction project. Since founding the firm in 2014, we have advised owners and property managers with sustainable, cost-effective concepts for their renovation work, with an emphasis on seventies architecture and protected buildings. Here, we work to secure a building’s existing merits while bringing its latent possibilities to fruition. With new construction projects, we focus on creating highly efficient floor plans, since these ultimately determine the sustained usability of any space. As a result of our longstanding commitments, we have also acquired substantial experience in the field of contemporary art. In this context, we give the greatest consideration to the reciprocal interactions between art objects and their surrounding architecture. As a result, both art institutions as well as individual artists have numbered among our clients.

For the duration of any project—from the initial analysis of a site’s materials, construction history, and environment all the way through to the completion of the project and its aftercare—we seek to maintain a personal rapport with you, the client. We guarantee that we will constantly be at your side with competent assistance and advice.

Philipp Nitsche founded his own architecture studio in 2014. Since then, he has largely worked on the design and construction of high-end apartment buildings as well as many renovation projects. He has designed and constructed a villa on Lake Como, Italy as well as various penthouses in Munich, Germany (on Michael-Huber-Weg and Belgradstraße, for example). Furthermore, he also was the producer and architect for the Pavilion of the Republic of Kosovo at the 56th La Biennale di Venezia.

From 2012 to 2014, he pursued his master’s degree in urbanism at the Technical University of Munich. During his studies, he focussed on urban planning issues in so called ‘cities in conflict‘ like Mitrovica in Kosovo, for example, where people with diverse cultural backgrounds live in close quarters.

He previously worked for three years in the field of high-end apartment buildings at Alfred Jacoby’s architecture office in Frankfurt am Main. As a project architect, he oversaw the construction of several apartment buildings in Mainz and was also involved in planning the Jewish Mourning Hall in Bremen.

Nitsche studied architecture in Dessau, Germany and Chicago, Illinois. He also gathered practical experience at Wheeler Kearns Architects in the US.

His professional interest in architecture was sparked by his initial three-year apprenticeship as a construction materials tester. During this time he worked on intensive investigations of the physical and chemical properties of construction materials—an interest which he further developed during a two-year stint in a laboratory at the Technical University of Dresden.